‘Che Guevara’ Internationalist Youth Brigade initiates activities in Venezuela

Around 200 youth militants from across the world will participate in the Che Guevara Internationalist Brigade in Solidarity with Venezuela

February 18, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch
Members of the 'Che Guevara' Internationalist Brigade outside Cuartel de la Montaña.

Youth militants from across the world have been arriving to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since Saturday to participate in the ‘Che Guevara’ Internationalist Brigade that seeks to bring together the youth of the world in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and to engage in a meaningful exchange of experiences and struggles.

The members of the youth brigade will have the opportunity to visit different experiences of struggle of the Bolivarian Revolution in the urban sector, in the rural peasant sector, the building of people’s power and communes, and more.

On Sunday February 17, the brigade launched its public activities with a visit to the National Pantheon in Caracas where the Liberator Simón Bolívar was laid to rest. The internationalist youth brought a floral offering to the tomb to honor the liberator and anti-imperialist, anti-colonial fighter who to this day is a source of inspiration for struggling people internationally.

Later on in the afternoon, the members of the internationalist brigade visited the Cuartel de la Montaña, a military museum which after the physical parting of Commander Hugo Chávez in 2013 was dedicated in part to honoring and remembering the legacy of Chávez.

Members of the ‘Che Guevara’ Internationalist Brigade outside Cuartel de la Montaña.

Kyle Haselsteiner of the Youth League of the Socialist Party of Zambia is participating in the brigade and expressed that “now is an important time for us to join hands in protecting the gains of the revolution, protecting the legacy of those that have come before us in the building and the development of socialism. International solidarity is not an act of charity, it is a necessary precondition to the success of any revolution and to sustain any revolution as well”

Internationalist solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its current democratically elected leader Nicolás Maduro, is crucial at a time like now. While what media seeks to define as the “international community”, which is really just the United States, Canada, some European countries and a handful of conservative Latin American countries, continue their imperialist offense against the democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro, the people of the world are fortifying their support and solidarity to Venezuela.

#17Feb | Desde el Cuartel de la Montaña las juventudes de la #BrigadaInternacionalistaChéGuevara, envían un mensaje al gobierno de EE.UU. #HandsOffVenezuela #JuventudDelMundoConVenezuela

Gepostet von ALBA Movimientos am Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019

The ‘Che Guevara’ Internationalist Brigade is a crucial effort in strengthening the international grassroots solidarity with Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. It will give the participants not only a better understanding of the different elements of the Revolution, such as the history, the victories, the battles ahead, but the brigade also has the goal of proposing concrete tools and agendas for the current defense of Venezuela against the advance of imperialist hegemony, as well as the defense of people’s right to self-determination.