Thousands of Colombian activists participate in Humanitarian Refugee Convergence

Olimpo Cárdenas of Congreso de los Pueblos (People’s Congress) spoke about the Humanitarian Refugee Convergence currently taking place in Bogotá and the motivations behind this action

April 29, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch

Thousands of social leaders from across Colombia have come together in the capital Bogotá to participate in the “Humanitarian Refugee Convergence” in order to draw awareness to the grave human rights crisis facing the social movements in Colombia. Since 2016, when the Havana peace agreements were signed, over 600 social leaders have been assassinated and hundreds have been imprisoned unjustly and are awaiting trial. Olimpo Cárdenas of the Colombian social movement Congreso de los Pueblos, spoke to Peoples Dispatch, ALBA Movimientos and Colombia Informa about this action and the reasons behind it.