Around the World Ep 63: Chicago teachers’ victory, refugees evicted in South Africa, and more…

We look at the victory of Chicago’s teachers, the violence faced by refugees in South Africa, and the ambulance workers striking in Meghalaya, India.

November 03, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch

In this episode, we will first look at the massive victory of Chicago teachers after a month long strike, which will lead to the single biggest hike in spending on public education in recent times. Next, we go to South Africa, where refugees were violently evicted by the police from a peaceful sit-in outside the UNHCR office, which had been going on for a month. The refugees had faced xenophobic repression in September and had been demanding that they be returned home or to other countries where they will be safe. Finally, in India, ambulance workers have been on a strike in the state of Meghalaya for over a month demanding that the government take over emergency services from the private company GVK EMRI.