Anti-fascists stage protests against annual neo-Nazi gathering in Budapest

Fascist groups gathered in Budapest for the 75th Honor Day to commemorate the Nazis who were killed during the Siege of Budapest by the Soviet Army in 1945.

February 09, 2020 by Muhammed Shabeer
Antifa activists and leftist youth/students took part in anti-Neo-Nazi manifestations in Budapest on February 8.

Hundreds of anti-fascist activists protested in Budapest on February 8, Saturday, against the pan-European annual gathering of Nazi sympathizers organized in the city. The protest was held by Antifa groups and leftist students and youth organizations who opposed the 75th Honor Day. On this day every year, fascist groups commemorate the Nazis who died during the Siege of Budapest by the Red Army in 1945 during World War II. The anti-fascist protesters organized two demonstrations – countering the fascist demonstration in the city and against the right-wing treks through Nazi trails in the outskirts of the city. 

This year’s Honor Day was organized by a notorious anti-semitic far-right group known as Legio Hungaria, with the explicit backing of the ruling conservative Fidesz party.  Many well-known members of the political establishment in Budapest joined the far-right events.

The various anti-fascist groups who condemned the neo-Nazi demonstrations said that it marked that day of the year when the neofascist international movement holds a multi-day festival “where they can merrily organize against all of us who don’t share their views.” 

“This is pure grave-robbing and the falsification of history, but for them, it’s an excellent opportunity to continue their vicious campaign where it ended 75 years ago after unfathomable misery and sacrifice. We are determined to not let them feel that Budapest is a ‘safe space’ for neo-nazis,” the antifascist groups added.

The historic 50-day of the Siege of Budapest by the Red Army began on December 26, 1944 and concluded on February 13 the next year with the surrender of the Nazi German and Hungarian troops who were defending the city. The bid to honor those who were defending Nazi tyranny has been condemned by progressive sections in Europe and other parts of the world.