Sandipan Talukdar
James Webb telescope: First images reveal ancient galaxies

The images reveal far-distant galaxies as they were some 4.6 billion years ago. Experts believe that compelling images are the first step toward reshaping our understanding of the time when the universe dawned

Desertification in Central Asia Desertification is rising in Central Asia: study

The study also found that mountain regions have also become hotter and wetter, which may cause the withdrawal of some major glaciers

Microplastics in Antarctica Microplastics found in Antarctic snow for the first time

The researchers say finding microplastics in fresh Antarctic snow highlights the extent of plastic pollution into the remotest regions of the world

James Webb Telescope James Webb telescope encounters a micrometeoroid, without major damage

After initial assessments, the team has found that the telescope is still performing at a level that exceeds all mission requirements despite a marginally detectable effect in the data

Microplastic burden in Indian Ocean clearly measurable, says new study

The study revealed that, on average, 50 microplastic particles and fibers in one cubic meter of water were found in the near-surface water of the Indian Ocean

Climate change: New research shows Alps turning green from white

The research is based on the satellite imagery of over 38 years across the entire European Alpine range. Scientists were surprised to find such a huge trend in greening

44% of Earth’s land requires conservation for protection of biodiversity and ecosystem, say scientists

The study is vitally important as governments around the world begin to set their goals and targets for biodiversity conservation, which experts think would form the agenda for the next decade

China plans to send three astronauts to its space station

This is the third crewed mission since April 2021, when the first mission was launched. The three astronauts are expected to stay aboard for at least six months

Internet targeted attacks 25% of Internet users susceptible to targeted attacks

Countries relying on a few Internet service providers are most vulnerable to targeted attacks, research shows

Pompeii volcano Genome of Pompeii volcano victim sequenced for the first time

The sequencing shows the diversity of the people living in Pompeii during the Roman Empire and the diseases they suffered. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports on May 26

New astrophysics research finds link between global warming and local temperature variations

By using a mathematical approach inspired by research on the universe’s light, a researcher has proposed how global warming may lead to locally unstable weathers in different parts of the world

NASA Voyager Voyager images keep scientists confused

Voyager currently is at a distance of 14.5 billion miles (23.3 billion kilometers) away from Earth and seems to operate properly except that the spacecraft is now unable to locate its position in space