Climate change
EU energy shortage Europe dumps its climate commitments after facing shortage of Russian gas 

The quick shift by rich European countries to “dirty” energy sources such as coal instead of managing demands raises serious concerns about the fate of global climate action and the future of the environmental movement

Desertification in Central Asia Desertification is rising in Central Asia: study

The study also found that mountain regions have also become hotter and wetter, which may cause the withdrawal of some major glaciers

Climate change: New research shows Alps turning green from white

The research is based on the satellite imagery of over 38 years across the entire European Alpine range. Scientists were surprised to find such a huge trend in greening

World Environment Day: Challenges galore and the dire need to act fast

All recent reports suggest a climate crisis of disastrous proportions. This year’s theme for World Environment Day – Only one Earth – is more relevant than ever

44% of Earth’s land requires conservation for protection of biodiversity and ecosystem, say scientists

The study is vitally important as governments around the world begin to set their goals and targets for biodiversity conservation, which experts think would form the agenda for the next decade

New astrophysics research finds link between global warming and local temperature variations

By using a mathematical approach inspired by research on the universe’s light, a researcher has proposed how global warming may lead to locally unstable weathers in different parts of the world

World food crisis World food crisis: causes, consequences and solutions

The war is exacerbating the food crisis, but to end it, the United States must first realize no military solution to the conflict in Ukraine will bring about the defeat of Russia it seeks

Jeremy Corbyn: It’s not enough to resist—we have to build, too

We don’t face multiple separate crises. The system itself is the crisis and must be overcome, replaced and transformed.

Ocean memory loss ‘Ocean memory’ on decline due to climate change

Ocean memory loss will not only have an impact on the predictability of physical variables but also can influence the management of sensitive marine ecosystems

Climate change, habitat loss and over-exploitation are triggering decline of global bird population

The study found that around 48% of the existing bird species worldwide are declining in their population and blamed it on climate change, loss of habitats and over-exploitation

Climate change Species mixing Mingling of species due to climate change could result in new disease outbreaks

A new study highlights the impending danger for humans from new diseases as climate change is already leading to many species mingling with each other for the first time

There is only a 10% chance of limiting global warming to under 1.5 degrees, says study

The study published in Nature says that it is still possible to restrict global warming to 1.9-2 degrees Celsius in this century if the COP 26 pledges are implemented fully and in a timely manner