COVID-19 in Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwean army expands its influence

The army’s reach now extends to the media, business, the health sector and even the electoral commission, despite the Constitution being against its involvement in politics.

Systemic corruption, mismanagement worsen Zimbabwe’s economic crisis

The spread of COVID-19 has further exposed an already failing system, leading to an intensified political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe. The government, however, seems busy cracking down on critics

Zimbabwe’s nurses wrest concessions from government

The nurses have been threatening a strike due to their working conditions. Their real incomes have eroded by over 85% over the past two years.

Two-weeks off after every week of work for nurses in Zimbabwe

An agreement over this work shift was reached between the government and the nurses’ unions on May 13, averting a strike action against the government’s call for nurses to return to full-time work

We, the food workers, will sustain Zimbabwe

Edgar Riusere of the United Food and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe talks about the COVID-19 situation in the country, the issues faced by workers and the steps the union is taking to organize at a time of distancing

Small vendors hard hit by government ordered demolitions in Zimbabwe

Human rights organizations allege that the Zimbabwe government is taking advantage of the lockdown powers to go on a demolition spree, displacing small vendors en masse

Zimbabwe COVID PPEs Zimbabwe court orders government to protect health workers

The order was issued by the court in response to a petition filed by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights over the lack of proper equipment to deal with the spread of the virus

Around the World in 8 Minutes: Zimbabwe’s doctors seek accountability

We also look at the struggles and demands of the Peruvian people as they deal with the pandemic and the lifting of the lockdown in Wuhan.

zimbabwe COVID Second COVID-19 death in Zimbabwe reveals extent of government unpreparedness

The 79-year-old victim died on April 4 but the cause of death was determined to be COVID-19 only on April 7. The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has demanded the government clarify the true state of preparedness