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Sri Lanka COVID migrant workers In Sri Lanka, union intervention rescues stranded migrant workers

Thousands of migrant Sri Lankan workers and casual employees were stranded in boarding houses after the government imposed a curfew. They are being sent home through the intervention of the Free Trade Zone and General Services Employees Union

Myanmar workers COVID Myanmar unions call on garment sector employers to provide minimum wage during lockdown

The unions are demanding that garment workers be paid the minimum wage after employers proposed that workers take unpaid leaves for the entire shutdown period in Myanmar

Coronavirus Myanmar workers Workers in Myanmar affected by global Coronavirus outbreak

The lack of raw materials from China has already caused the closure of 16 factories in Myanmar, resulting in at least 7,000 layoffs. Unions in the country fear large-scale job losses if the crisis situation continues

Shipbreaking Bangladesh Yet another report exposes the death trap that is Bangladesh’s ship breaking industry

26 workers died in Bangladesh’s shipbreaking industry in 2019, as per the Shipbreaking Platform Report. The country is fast becoming the top dumping site for obsolete ships which has led to many environmental and health issues