National Umma Party
TMC-FFC-Sudan Sudanese Communist Party calls for an immediate halt to negotiations with the military junta

The military junta is seeking immunity for its members through the constitutional declaration, the negotiations over which have resumed today.

Why the political agreement in Sudan may help the military preserve its power Why the political agreement in Sudan may end up preserving the military’s power

The agreement signed on July 17 between the military junta and some sections of the opposition has enabled the former to go back on certain commitments it had made in the earlier negotiations

Intensifying protests keep army at bay in Sudan

Protesters are converging from across the country in thousands and heading to the army headquarters in Khartoum, determined to turn the weeks-long sit-in demonstration into a ‘million-man march’

Omar Al-Bashir declaring emergency Emergency declared in Sudan following anti-government demonstration

The declaration of emergency, by president al-Bashir, came shortly after a parliamentary committee tasked with scrapping presidential term limits cancelled its meetings.