sudan protests
Sudan protests Several injured and 77 detained as police attack protest rally in Sudan

A rally on the anniversary of the ratification of the Constitutional Declaration in Sudan was attacked by the police on Monday. Protesters asked the govt. to set up the legislative council and and solve the economic crisis

Sudan Protest Sudan: The revolution belongs to the people

We talk to journalist Ahmed Kaballo to know more about the people’s uprising in Sudan, its demands and the future.  

People’s power topples Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir

After months of protests, the army intervened with al-Bashir believed to be under house arrest. However, organizations at the forefront of the protest said they would not accept any remnants of the old regime in a new dispensation

Sudan Protests Is Sudan’s al-Bashir on the verge of being toppled?

Over the past few days, Sudan has seen the largest demonstrations since December 19. The strategy of the protesters to march to the army headquarters seems to be working as soldiers have come out to defend them against State forces.

Sudan protests As Sudanese uprising continues, police officers’ association urges members to disobey presidential order

“Let Al Bashir.. and the fat cats go out to face the people whom [they have] humiliated, impoverished and despised, rather than you whose salaries are not enough for one week,” the Police Officers Association said in a statement.