Water privatization
Dubious Nairobi shack study sparks controversy

Economists and Nairobi water company cut off impoverished people’s water supply in the Kenyan capital in an effort to establish if landlords will pay their outstanding bills.

Ten years ago, the UN declared access to water and sanitation a human right

The resolution does not reflect the reality of millions of Brazilians; perspectives are bleak with passing of new laws

Nestlé may sell its bottled water brands in the US and Canada – what is behind this maneuver?

Franklin Frederick inspects the motives behind Nestlés move to sell bottled water brands in North America and the company’s track record of environmental violations

Peruvians protest against water privatization

Protesters are demanding the abolition of a decree that seeks to privatize water services in Lima and Callao

Peruvians carry out massive National Agrarian Strike

Workers from agricultural sector are demanding a meeting with government institutions to discuss issues facing more than 3 million small and medium scale agricultural producers

Peruvian agricultural sector calls for a national strike on May 13

The agricultural sector demands measures to defend national production against subsidized imports, withdrawal of a water privatization law and better budget for the development of agricultural sector

Protest against IMF WB People’s movements demand an end to neoliberal policies at IMF-WB meeting in Bali

The World Bank, in it’s report, wants the countries to move towards deregulation of labour laws as a solution to accommodate this changing nature of work, and financing of social security measures through levying taxes such as VAT (value added tax) and cutting subsidies.

“The right to water and health,and thus the right to life, cannot be made a commodity”

Government Employees of Rodrigues island launch campaign against privatization measures that they say will impact people’s access to water and public health services.

In Jakarta, a women’s movement leads the fight against water privatization

Women’s Solidarity for Human Rights is also planning a host of actions against international financial organizations, such as the IMF and the World Bank